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Monday, May 11, 2020

Effective Filters Remove Water Hardness

It must be said that it is possible to bring on a user experience with shower filters that can reduce and if not eliminate certain conditions associated with the water supplies to the households.  Most people would be in the know about the ill effects of hard water and chlorine residue and every effort must be made to have these elements removed from the water being used in homes and workplaces as well. 

Why chlorine should be removed from water

There are a number of factors that make chlorine as something that is not required to be present in the water being used.  It does serve the function of purifying the water but in excess is rather undesirable for the following reasons.

            Taste and smell: Chlorine present in potable water does introduce a smell and taste to the water and this could interfere with the use of water, especially for potable purposes.  It must be noted that chlorine does have a pungent taste and odor that a good number of people find it offending to say the least.

            Hair and skin: Used over extended periods of time, the chlorine in the water does cause roughening of skin and hair.  The hair in particular looses the gloss and shine.  It could even lead to premature graying and brittleness of the hair too.

            Soap and detergents: Chlorine has the effect that more amounts of soap and detergents are needed to bring about a good cleaning action.  This could lead to an increased use of the soaps and cleaning agents too. 

Effect of excess chlorine in water and ways of removing it

With the typical situation of excess chlorine in the water, the person using the water gets to smell chlorine in the water.  When the levels of chlorine are within manageable levels it is that there would not be such a perceivable smell but it is still possible to have a slight taste to the water.

            Carbon filters: It is possible to control the minutest traces of chlorine in water by the use of activated carbon filters that are used to filter the water.  Even the least amounts of chlorine are removed in this method and additionally if there is some element that causes a discoloration of the water, it is removed as well.  But it must be said that this is rather an expensive method that involves replacing the filters from time to time and hence high on maintenance as well. 

            Aeration: This involves introducing streams of air into the flow of water and it does help if the water is slightly heated.  The levels of chlorine are considerable reduced by this method and there is a perceivable drop in chlorine levels.  This is a very practical and easy to follow method that really does not need much by way of maintenance too.

            Chemical reagents: Any amount of chlorine in water and even the tiniest part can be neutralized by adding reagents to the water before being used.  This is one way of assuring a water supply that is totally free of chlorine and goes without saying that it could be one of the most complex of solutions as well as probably the most costly as well.  The added reagents must be right in quantity to just neutralize the chlorine content and no more or else the reagents could cause the contamination of the water being used. 

Hard water and what it is

The one property of water is to be able to dissolve a large number of substances in itself.  Thus when water is flowing through the ground as streams or rivers, it is just possible that there could be dissolved substances that get picked up along the way. Sometimes these substances can produce a good effect so to speak. Dissolved salts can indeed produce a taste to water that can be rated as desirable as well as refreshing. 

But this very nature of water to dissolve substances can mean that at times certain undesirable substances are picked up along the way. There is no real way to controlling an area that a body of water could flow through and it is best to manage the condition of the final water than anything else.  This in essence is what is meant by hardness of water and there are a number of ways of effectively handling the situation. 

Ways of removing hardness from water

            Heating: In a typical condition known as temporary hardness of water, the fluid is heated to remove the hardness.  The very nature of the hardness causes the dissolved salts to be precipitated as residue and deposited outside the water.  It must be pointed out that this sort of a condition is more a rarity than a usual practice with hard water and the majority of the conditions of hardness cannot be handled in this manner.

            Reagents: The most common method that hardness is removed from water is to use reagents that would neutralize the hardness to a good bit.  It must be pointed out that the particular reagent must be chosen according to the hardness present in the water and a thorough analysis must be done before deciding on the most suited reagent.  The thing about the reagents is that they need to be refreshed from time to time and hence it takes a fair bit of maintenance to keep it functioning. 


It is always the most desired situation to have water that needs little or no treatment as such.  But it is not always that people are so blessed and most folks do need to be prepared for some sort of treatment steps to clean water for use.  If there is indeed a silver lining, then it could be the very fact that often the ease of contamination of the body of water also decides on the ease of making pure the said water body as well.  The best practices are not often the most economical ones either.

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How To Best Choose A Good Shower Filter

As with any product, shower filters too have certain salient terms of performance and a piece that best takes care of the most concerns of a user is to be preferred at all times.   But equally it is important to have a filter that is affordable as well.  There would be little purpose served in choosing an option that simply is not affordable or one which does not conform to the needs of the situation.  Laid out below are the key points that get to decide on the proper shower filter to use. 

Best in terms of chlorine removal

It is always the better designed shower filters that ensure that the most amount of chlorine is removed.  Thus it speaks volumes of the efficiency of a filter if it can get rid of the minutest quantities of chlorine that could be present in the shower water.  It must be stressed that having the least by way of chlorine content is what would be best desired and most suited to the person using the shower. 

Here is where cost of a shower filter comes in to play.  The better filter is capable of removing the chlorine content in the water, the more expensive it tends to be.  So in practice it is always desired that a trade off is achieved in the performance levels and the resultant price of the filter.  The choice of a filter must match the buying power of the user. 

Longetivity of the shower filter

There is in the market some of the most complex range of shower filters possible and here is where the choice of a filter that could last comes to play.  The more expensive ones are the ones that usually last the longest as the technologies in use would be such as to last a whole lot longer than the cheaper ones.  It is also the observed phenomenon that the more expensive filters do use a more active filter that could need frequent replacement. 

Thus if a model of the shower filter is chosen that would not last long, then the cost incurred in its frequent replacement would be substantial in the long run.  It is also an accepted fact that with the shower filter, it is possible that the models could get outdated from time to time.  This is why it is important to choose a model that would last a while. The better known manufacturers of shower heads and filters rarely provide support to older models as recent ones are added to the offering to the customer. 

The technology in use

With the cheaper models of shower filters, it is more a type of carbon filter that is predominantly in use.  There really is not much technique involved in the upkeep of such systems and most customers can well handle the day to day care that needs to be applied.  The more expensive models of shower filters employ a more complicated system that would need a more specialized care and this might need to be referred to a trained technician at most times. 

When a shower filter is going to be used is setting that are far away from cities and major towns, the much desired option is to use a model that needs the least by way of maintenance.  It is often the less technically advanced models that do fit into this category and it is the best for the situation as well. 

The need to remove microbes and organisms

The chlorination does make neutral the better part of the microbes and any organisms that might be present in the water.  But the most efficient of chlorination processes do not completely remove the organisms completely and it is possible that there would be some left over elements in the shower water.  The filter must be capable of handling the most soiled of water to ensure a clean as possible water supply. 

Often the nature of the shower filter to be the last point that could be used to clean water makes this function of the shower filter particularly important.  It is in all sense the last line of defense at best.

The need to be aesthetically pleasing

The modern trend to have bathrooms done in different themes, make it important that the correct fit of a filter that blends with the general presentation of the space is chosen.  If a model that needs frequent attention is picked, then the shower head must be placed in such a way that it is easily accessible to anyone wanting to work in them.   There is little purpose served in having a piece that is best in terms of color match or a particular theme match and that takes an enormous effort and time to handle. 

With the choices on hand and the variations in colors and schemes make the aesthetic part to a shower filter not that hard to follow.  But there could arise situations that demand an extra effort at matching the fitments than most and a seasoned interior decorator would be the right solution to any such requirements. 

The effectiveness of a shower filter

There is a general level of suitability of a shower filter to a particular situation.  It is the experienced hands that would be able to match the needs of the situation to a shower filter that suits more importantly to the budget at hand.  There are a number of established brands that focus on providing the best in terms of technology on offer as well as operational characteristics.

If the need to have a filter that can remove the most amount of chlorine is to be used then it is still possible to have a proper match to the physical aspects to it as well.  Rest assured that when it comes to choices of color and schemes there really is not shortfall of ideas and options at all.  It is best suited to have an option that is least demanding as far as maintenance is concerned as well as something that is not that complicated to operate as well. 

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FAQ on Shower Filters

How do shower filters work

The design of the shower filters determines the way they work. The basic components of a filter are the metallic screen, crystalline quartz, cartridge, KDF media, sediment tap and the jet dispersal head. The water from the inlet passes through these components in sequential before the jet dispersal sprays it onto your body. Every part performs a unique function which is summarized here.

Metallic Screen

The stainless steel screen performs the task of regulating the water flow through its aeration function. The standard flow rate is 2.75 gallons per minute. Its task is to mix air with the incoming water to balance the flow within the standard range.

Crystalline Quartz

The crystalline quartz has the unique property of energizing the water molecules passing through it. The core ingredient of quartz is silicon dioxide which removes micro sized impurities as the water passes through it. The quartz can also neutralize and eliminate many types of germs that get carried in water. 

Filter Cartridge  

The filter cartridge performs the task of removing the chlorine content, dirt and other impurities in the water. Hot water flowing through the cartridge can contain chlorine in the form of liquid or vapor state. The probability of inhaling these vapors is stated to be high when the water temperature increases.  When using cold water, the chlorine content is dissolved in water.   

  • Chlorine Conversion: An efficient cartridge converts the chlorine (water and vapor forms) into chloride form though REDOX (oxidation-reduction) process. The hardness of the water gets reduced considerably after passing through the cartridge.
  • Metal Removal: The cartridge also removes other harmful metals including lead, magnesium, iron and calcium.

KDF Media

The Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is a layer made from the combination of copper and zinc which captures all the micro and Nano-sized particulates in water. It reduces the chloride into harmless material called benign. The layer also removes Nano-sized cations like mercury, chromium and other hardness causing elements from the water. The media works at high and low temperature range at the same efficiency level.

Sediment Trap

The sediment trap filters out low concentration particulates that may accidentally pass through the other layers. It removes dissolved salt and other undetected cations.

Jet Dispersal Head

Finally the water passes through the jet dispersal head before spraying onto your body at the pre-set temperature and pressure.

The design and construction of advanced shower filters may also include carbon layers after the KDF media to enhance the level of purification. Since most of the parts of the modern shower head filter are replaceable, maintenance is stated to be simple.

How much are shower filters (Cost)

The average cost of shower filters may vary from $35 to $90 and more. The basic forms of the filter may remove only the hardness factors of chlorine and heavy metals. The advanced filters have many additional functions which are listed here.

Volatile Chemical Removal

Some of the volatile organic chemicals in shower water may include benzene, formaldehyde, chloride compounds and Methyl-Tert-Butyl-Ether etc. 

  • Benzene Removal: The activated carbon filter in the shower head filter can remove benzene near to zero levels.  
  • Formaldehyde Removal: Thecombination of 3 stage filtering systems can remove the dissolved formaldehyde compounds from the shower water. They also remove the pungent odor that gets carried by water after the filtering process.
  • Chloride Removal: Thebasic versions of the shower filter can only convert the chlorine into chloride or Benign. But when the water temperature is high and the vapor concentration is intense, the gaseous chlorine and chloride may escape through the water and enter your body. The advanced multi-stage filters can filter the contaminant vapors and the chloride compounds efficiently.

 Multi Layer Filter Systems

The multi layer shower filters have activated-carbon, germanium, calcium sulfite, magnetized ceramic and tourmaline. These layers are in addition to the KDF, and the filter cartridge installed in standard filters.

  • Germanium Layer: The germanium balls inserted into the shower filter can release negative ions into water for neutralizing the effects of cations present in Nano-size. The benefit of germanium is its efficiency at high water temperature of 30+-degree centigrade. In addition the layer also filters microbes and bacteria that may pass through the other filter layers.
  • Calcium Sulfite Layer: The calcium sulfite layer is capable of filtering most of the dissolved chemical particulates like the chlorates, chlorites, tetra-chloro-compounds etc.  These particulates generally pass through the other layers undetected. At the end of the filtering, the hardness factors of the water get reduced considerably.
  • Magnetized Ceramic Layer:  The diatomic properties of the magnetized ceramic layer can remove most of the undetected bacterial particulates that pass through the KDF, germanium and even activated carbon layers. At the end of the layer, the water is effectively free from all types of bacteria and infection causing microbes.
  • Tourmaline Layer: The water passing through the tourmaline layer gets exposed to the infrared emissions of negative ions. The mild increase in the alkaline nature of water prevents the dryness generated by the hot water showers. It also increases the ability of your skin to stay wetter and absorb moisture. The other advantage is the elimination of toxic elements from the skin pores.

When a shower filter performs all the above listed activities apart from the standard functionalities in FAQ-1, the cost will naturally increase. The dimension of the filter will also increase proportionately.

Are shower filters worth it?

The worthiness of a shower filter depends on the quality of water you get at the end of purification and filtering processes. Let us consider factors like water hardness, contaminants, bacteria, volatile chemicals, chloride compounds and dryness factors (hot showers).

  • Hard water Effects: Regular hard water showers can damage the sensitive skin layers of the epidermis and dermis. At the top epidermis layer it can create dry patches, dehydrate the moisture layer and result in acne and other skin blemish. The chlorine content in the water prevents complete washing off of soap from your skin layers as it forms a firm bonding on the skin pores. It can lead to clogged pores. The money you invest on (one time) an efficient shower filter and maintenance tasks (high quality filters need minimum DIY procedures) is stated to be negligible, compared to the savings you get by avoiding skin damages in the long run. More than the money, it is the protection you get from skin health hazards.
  • Volatile Chemicals Effects: The effects of volatile chemicals on your skin can cause skin irritation, allergy and infections. The gradual deposition of chemicals cal lead to formation of rashes. The skin aging process accelerates due to weakening of collagen on your skin. Brittleness and dryness can cause the skin to crack on joints. When exposed over extended period, the chemicals can cause abnormal loss of the vitamins and proteins stored on the skin layers. It can in turn lead to diminished protection from the UV radiations. Subsequent results are the appearances of dark spots and patches on the skin due to the attack of free radicals. The uncontrolled production of sebum is another risk factor that increases the formation of oily scales on the skin.
  • Bacteria Effects: The bacterial effects of the skin can cause infections and diseases. Long term exposure can reduce the skin immunity considerably.  Since skin is the protective layer, its degeneration can cause other infecting viruses to enter your body through the layers.

When you consider the net negative effects on your skin health and the stress factors, the investment you make on the shower filters is really worth the cost.

Why Filter Shower Water?

Apart from avoiding the negative effects on skin and body listed in the previous FAQ answer, the filtering of shower water can have plenty of beneficial effects on your skin, body and mind. Let us review a few of them now.

  • Skin Texture: Filtered water is free from hardness factors like chlorine and dissolved chemicals. The softness of water shower can eliminate the skin dryness and increase the moisturizing effects. It can cleanse the pores efficiently and eliminate the contaminants from the epidermis layer of the skin. Your skin can retain and sustain its original texture for a long time.
  • Skin Strength: Tourmalinelayer in the advanced water filter can enhance the alkaline nature of the water. It eliminates the aging signs by strengthening the collagen layers on the epidermis and dermis layers. Though the results are slow, consistent exposure to moderately alkaline showers can enhance the tensile strength and elasticity of your skin layers considerably with time. Aging signs like wrinkles, black and brown dots and patches stay away from your skin.
  • Skin Detox: Enhanced negative ions in the filtered water shower at moderate pressure and temperature can detox your skin consistently. Most of the external pollutant deposits on the skin layers get washed off. It can also balance the sebum content of the     sebaceous glands.
  • Skin Massage:  Softwater irradiated by tourmaline can cause gentle skin massaging from the scalp region of your skin to the toes. Using the handheld showers with filters at close proximity to your skin can enable smooth blood circulation to a certain extent due to the alkaline nature of the water.
  • Skin Immunity: The filtered soft alkaline water shower can help in preserving the existing skin immunity levels consistently. It is du e to the antioxidant properties induced by the KDF media of the filter. When water passes through copper and zinc at high temperature it naturally absorbs microns of the metals and sprays onto your skin. Even if your skin were to absorb 1% to 5% of those ingredients, they can form a protective layer on the collagen layer of the skin. The combination can enhance the skin immunity in the long run.
  • Skin Tone: soft water shower can preserve the skin tone at its original levels by eliminating the excess of oil and dirt deposits. Enhanced moisture retention is another reason for the enhancement of skin tone.

What Shower Filter is the Best?

The fundamental and advanced features of the shower filter can make it the best product for your needs. You may opt for wall mount/ceiling mount versions, apart from using the handheld device. The combinational effects on your skin health, conditioning and fitness can be healthy and long lasting.

Quality Standards

Conformance to the ANSI, NSF and EPA standards is the key factor which determines the efficiency of the shower filter. Ease of installation and maintenance are the two additional parameters you need to consider. You should be able to test the filter periodically and use the DIY procedures to replace the components and parts with no hassles.

  • Corrosion Resistance: The internal parts should preferably be made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, ABS and other corrosion resistant material. The screws and nuts assemblies can be copper or bronze. They ensure proper fittings without leaking. The washers should be preferably polycarbonate, copper or stainless steel. They are light in weight and provide leak proof fitments with the connecting parts and components.   
  • Moderate weight:  The entire shower filter assembly should be light in weight. It can ease the process of installation and dismantling. However, many advanced filters come with added components and material fillings (ceramic, sulfite and tourmaline). The product weight will be naturally higher. However you need to ensure the weight to be less than the net weight of the shower head assembly.
  • Spare Parts: The spare components, accessories and parts should be available from your local stores. Buying here can let you test them immediately. Replacement and returns become easier and faster. In fact your friendly shop owner can help you by testing the filter after replacement and repair at his shop.
  • Mount Height: The distance between the shower filter and your head should be at least 5 inches to 6 inches. The height allows the post filter effects to impact on your skin.
  • Filter Versatility: The shower filter should be able to eliminate the chlorine, chloride and other dissolved chemicals in the liquid and vapor state. The density of the filter cartridge should be in microns to ensure comprehensive removal. Apart from reducing the hardness and removing the harmful chemicals, the shower filter should be able to enhance the negative ion concentration and the energy levels of the water. You may not be able to experience the explicit effects immediately. But the long term utilization can result in skin health and beauty enhancement.

Cost Factors

Cost is a relative factor that depends on your affordability and necessity. If the advanced filter options like the multi-layer systems are needed for healing your skin, you may opt for high end showers. If you don’t need or want any advanced features, you can opt for the budget shower filters. But you should ensure the minimum requirements of water softening, harmful chemical removal and negative ion irradiation effects.

 What shower filter to buy

 You can decide on the best brands based on their conformance to the listed quality standards and the design & functional specifications. You can choose the best combo filters (for head and handheld showerheads) based on some of the results from the online evaluation.

Customer Testimonials

Reading or watching (video) the genuine customer testimonials and reviews can give you the ideas about what shower filter to buy. You need to list out the exact number of models and brands from which you will make the final selection. The shower head size is directly proportional to the dimension of the filter.

Shower Filter Dimension

The dimension should be large enough to cover your body between the two shoulders. The metallic screen should be able to provide consistent water flow of at least 2.75 gallons per minute. The self cleansing filter can take the burden off you for the maintenance procedures.

Temperature Resistance

The shower filter should have a long lasting resistance to temperature variations. Only metallic parts may cause the heat loss from the filter layers, while having only synthetic products can increase the stress of load on the components. Hence, it is better to opt for a shower filter that has a combination of corrosion free metals, ABS, Polycarbonate, rubber and other durable materials.

Genuine Brands

Opt for genuine brands which have an established market reputation and customer trust. Unless you are searching for cheap filters, you can opt for good quality products which carry a warranty of at least one year. Any defects on the manufacturing and design aspects will get you immediate replacement. Moreover, the safety factors are trustworthy. You don’t need to fear about loose parts or malfunctioning components causing any sort of physical damages to you.

Filtering and Disinfection

The shower filter you choose should also act as disinfecting medium to remove the unforeseen and harmful germs and bacteria. Untreated water from the municipal supplies can contain invisible microbes. Make sure the filter contains activated carbon, KDF and tourmaline as the basic filter layers. They can also enhance the immunity levels of your skin, besides keeping it healthy and preserving the youthful conditions to certain extent.

Compatibility Factors

The shower filter you choose should be preferably mounted externally to the shower head. Then it is easy to fit it into any model and brand of showerhead. You don’t need to worry about the face of the filter as the vast collection of multi dimensional filter faces are available off the shelf and online. If an external mounted filter is not available, then you need to find a filter that fits into the head assembly of your existing shower.

Which shower filter removes fluoride?

Fluoride removal is a complex process which is often beyond the scope of activated carbon, KDF media and the other materials listed above. Some of the trusted methods recommended by the US water quality association, EPA, ANSI and SNF standards include reverse osmosis filters, distillers and high-end alumina filters.

Fluoride Concentration

The fluoride concentration in water could vary from 1.5mg per liter to 4mg per liter. The filters with reverse osmosis capacity can remove more than 95% of the content within its construction.

Filter Specifications

  • Activated Alumina Filter: The activated alumina based shower filters contain micro size balls through which the fluoride water passes. The metal is highly anionic in nature. It shows high affinity towards absorbing the fluoride molecules. It can filter out the varying concentration levels of fluoride from 1.5mg to 4 mg per liter or even higher. The tests have revealed the absorbing capacity to be more than 20mg of fluoride per gram of alumina. The filter can also be in the form of a thin mesh installed within the filter interiors. The metal can work efficiently at a flow rate of 2.75 gallons per minute according to the practical usage. You should search for shower filters that restore the conditioning of the alumina layer by removing the absorbed fluoride through automated treatments.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter: The semi permeablemembrane used in the reverse osmosis shower filter can remove more than 97% of the fluoride content at a flow rate of 2.75 gallons per minute. The waste water generated from the filter could be about 5 to 6 liters. A separate waste outlet removes the waste water. The material is made of composite TFC covered with carbon filters. The Thin Film Composite membrane has an asymmetric construction with twin base layers. The layer is coated with Polyamide for increasing the material strength and the filtering ratio. The probable disadvantage could be the regular replacement of the panels, since the maintenance procedures are yet to be evolved in an efficient manner. If you can opt for a high end shower filter for reverse osmosis, the frequency of replacement could be extended to one year. The permeable membrane could be the most expensive part of the fluoride removal shower filter. Moreover the dimension of the filter will be naturally bigger compared to the standard filters.  The probable limitation of the reverse osmosis could be the removal of all the useful minerals along with the fluoride. This process may affect the quality of the shower water as it gets rendered neutral.
  • Ion Exchange Filter:  The process of ion exchange happens through the resin with 0.25mm radius beads or the sheet. The cross linked polystyrene material absorbs all the fluoride ions into its layers and softens the water. The process also removes many of the hard chemicals and mineral deposits in the water. The outgoing water is free from all the contaminants and soft in characteristics. The only problem seems to be the regular maintenance required to keep the resin working in efficient condition. If you forget to clean the resin after it is saturated, the accumulated ions of metals and fluoride gets released back into the water outflow. The heavy concentration can make the water more harmful than before. The probability of foul smell from the ion exchange filter also increases. But cleaning of the filter is a simple process. You need to rinse it in sodium hydro-sulfite water for about 14 hours. Then you can use a soft brush to clean the surface area and wash the filter. Then you can replace it in the filter.

Fluoride Shower Filter Characteristics

The latest technology systems have made the fluoride removal shower filters highly compact in size and relatively light in weight. The average filter dimension is about 4” W X 8” H X 4” D. The water flow rate is also comparatively higher at 4gallons per minute to 5 gallons per minute. But the minimum input water pressure should be between 25PSI and 30PSI. The minimum temperature of input should be between 35-degree-F and 40-degree-F. The cleaning and filtering stages can vary from 1 o 4 or 5. The filters with multiple stages cleaning work more efficiently. The same filter can also be used for the removal of chlorine and volatile chemicals from the water.

Fluoride Shower Filter Installation

The installation procedure for the external filter is very simple and fast. You need to remove the existing filter from the shower and clean the internal parts with sodium sulfite solution. Remove any visible dirt and contamination with the help of a soft brush. Then you can wrap the threads on the shower arm with plumber tape. Make sure the adhesive part winds uniformly around. Now you can fit the shower filter onto the threads and rotate in clock –wise direction (refer user manual for direction of rotation). Then you can tighten the device and ensure no gaps. Flush the water filter for 5 to 7 minutes continuously in hot water at maximum pressure. It will remove all the contaminants from the filter.

The installation method may vary, depending on the dimension and the shape of the filter and the shower arm end. You need to refer to the user manual for the right procedure of installation. Follow the safety procedures correctly to ensure accurate installation without any leaks and damages.

What are the best shower-filters to remove chlorine?

The shower filters working on activated carbon filter can remove the chlorine content to an extent of 95% and more. The filter also removes many of the harmful water hardening elements and volatile chemicals from the water.

Combination Effects – Coconut Shell and Bituminous Coal

The most commonly used combination is the coconut shell and bituminous coal. However this technique is used more in traditional shower filters. The modern filters use a combination of carbon and synthetic material to gain extra efficiency in the cleaning and filtering methods.

Multi Stage Shower Filters – Chlorine and Derivate Removal

One of the methods used by the chlorine water filter is to convert the chlorine into the derivative called Benign. It is relatively harmless in nature and the negative effects are near to zero. However the other compounds of chloride will continue to be present in the water. They can cause skin irritation and other minor skin allergic conditions in the long run. Hence, the multi stage filter consisting of the following parts is recommended for the complete removal of chlorine, chloride and their compounds.

  • Steel -mesh is useful for precipitating the sediments that are macroscopic in size.
  • Fiber-resin is useful for the removal of minerals that cause water hardness other than chlorine.
  • Ceramic filters can remove the chlorine content by more than 98% in cold and hot water. The filter is in the form of a resin or crystal balls of micron size. They absorb the chlorine in liquid state as well the vapor state. They are stated to be more effective than the resin as they prevent the chlorine vapor leaking from the shower which may get absorbed by your skin in hot conditions beneath the shower.
  • KDF metal combination further removes any remnants of chlorine and its compounds. The material also eliminates all the microbe forms of germs, algae and bacteria from the water.
  • Tourmaline Filter: The infrared emissions from the tourmaline material kills almost all the harmful germs and infection causing elements from the water completely. Now the water is soft, hygiene and ready for shower.

The process of maintenance for the multi stage shower filter might be slightly more complex compared to the other types. You need to “study” the maintenance manual in detail before taking up the task. Alternately you can depend on the maintenance services of an experienced technician to make the process fast and safe.

Shower filter how to install

The process of installing an external shower filter is relatively easy and fast for most of the models.

  • Take out the plumber tape from the existing shower head and remove the filter. In most of the models, it is an assembly which can be dismantled. If the shower head face is square, it may have screws at the four corners of the head. You need to unscrew them, replace the filter and put the screws back in place.
  • Clean the interiors of the head with cleaning-liquid and remove the contaminants and the deposits with a brush or soft cloth.
  • If the showerhead is round in shape, you need to rewind the plumber tape around the shower arm threads and install the filter. You need to rotate the filter on the threads until it fits in tightly without any gap.

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How a shower filter can improve your health


There are three basic aspects of improving your health with the showerhead filter. First is the healing of infections and disease symptoms. Second is the restoration of skin and body health back to normal conditions. The third is the betterment of health and fitness levels for the skin and body. Here is a brief overview of how it happens.

Showerhead Filter- Healing and Restoration

Stress and fatigue are the two aspects which can affect your body and mind during everyday life. In the physical form, they can cause dry skin, wrinkles, and lines, black dots, UV oxidation, acne and rashes, muscle spasms and pain, etc. In the mental level, they can cause depression, anxiety, and nervousness.

KDF-Medium: KDF layer can soften hard water by eliminating chlorine, dissolved metals, fluoride, and dissolved chemicals. It can also remove harmful bacteria and microbes from water which can affect the skin and muscles. The soft water can eliminate the oxidation effects. It can clean the skin pores and remove excess of sebum. Gradually, it can heal the symptoms related to acne and skin rashes.

Active-Carbon- Medium: Strengthening of skin layers can happen through the promotion of collagen generation within the epidermis and muscle ligaments. It can reduce wrinkles and aging symptoms from your skin. It increases the moisture levels in your skin layers by enhancing oxygenation and interactions with the hydrogen molecules.  

Calcium-Sulfite- Medium: calcium sulfite can reverse the UV oxidation effects on skin layers. It can neutralize the free radicals and enhance detoxification of skin. So, the skin health, fitness and brightness factors improve considerably.

Ceramic-Medium: MagnetizedCeramic canenergize the water molecules with anions. They can penetrate deep into the skin and massage the muscles, ligaments, and joints. Rejuvenation effects can activate the skin and muscle tissues. Cell metabolism increases and storage of energy, vitamins, and nutrients within every cell enhances considerably. Hence, the fatigue factors reduce with time.

TFC-Medium: TFC is a powerful medium for removing fluoride completely from the water. It can also inject the water molecules with healing ions for the removal of dead skin cells. It has been proved to a healing medium for skin-vulgaris in which the dead layers don’t shed naturally. Regular exposure to showerhead filter water can enhance the effects of treatments for removing the dead skin layers.

Showerhead Filters- Health Improvement

Mental-Benefits: Showerheadfilter watercan massage the scalp and improve circulation within the brain. It can also activate the neurons in various sections of the brain. The net result is the improvement in alertness, activeness, mindfulness, cognitive consciousness, and the relaxation of brain cells. Negative factors like mental stress and fatigue get reduced considerably.

Sleep-Cycle: Showerhead filter water can normalize your sleep cycles. Internal disturbances during sleep will eventually get eliminated. Deep sleep duration increases and your overall health condition improve.

Cardio-Benefits:  The entire cardiovascular system gets relaxed and rejuvenated. Circulation and oxygenation increases. Removal of toxic elements from the cardiovascular system helps to improve the heart and lung health.

The changes may start gradually and speed up with time. Monitoring the water pressure and temperature at optimum levels can deliver the desired health improvement results.

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Getting To Install A Good Shower Filter
When people consider a product for use, the suitability of the device must be ensured in the particular situation before taking the further step to installing it.  It is important that if the filter or any other product needs constant attention, then it must be suitably designed to make for easy removal or for easy access to the active part.  The role of proper design has played a good part in the choice of a proper solution no matter the area it is being used. 
The particular type of water quality in use
That most people do not have much control over the exact type of water being supplied in an area and to some extent it is true that this could be an aspect that is outside the control of anybody affected.  The usual case is that the water is being supplied by the municipality or even the corporation authorities and most local bodies have standards of water quality that is being followed more or less diligently.  Thus it could be an aspect of the water supply that for all good sense is totally outside the control of those that get to use the water.
            Chlorine: If there is a common feature of water supplies right across the world it is the presence of chlorine that is best suited as a cleansing agent. No matter how sophisticated a process is employed, there is bound to be the traces of chlorine in the water and this is not desirable for the taste as well as the health features that chlorine in the water brings about.  In the long run the traces of chlorine do create effects on the hair and skin that does affect those who are health consciousness. 
            Hardness of water: Hardness of water is produced by trace amounts of certain compounds that get to dissolve in the water as it moves through the earth and is for the good part totally not within control at any time.  It is also a fact that the degree of hardness and also the constituent of hardness does differ in each locality and the water supply does try to remove the most offending of hardness from the water before supplying it for consumption. 
Choosing a proper shower filter
The shower filter must be so chosen as to satisfy the needs of the situation at best.  Thus the filter must be able to handle the cases of excess occurrence of chlorine as well as hardness of water suitably.  Since these two occurrences are more localized in appearance it is best to adopt a filter that can best provide a quality of water. 
Despite following the best operational practices it is never possible to completely eliminate the issues of water quality and it is a continuing process for the most household across cities and towns all over the world.  It could be said that in choosing a proper shower filter, care must be exercised in using a technology that can be serviced easily and that does not involve something of a rocket science to implement.
Most towns and cities do have outlets of major water treatment companies of the world and it is possible to have proper attention at any time of the day.  This could not be true of the less developed areas of the country and region that could see a fair bit of delay in the arrival of proper trained attention to address some issue.  So, if from the very start a focus to keeping the method simple and easy to understand is adopted, then it might as well be possible for the common folks to operate and keep the set up in working order, even if it is an emergency situation alone. 
The advent of modular design
There has been an increased focus on keeping technology in the modular form.  This has the advantage that the different aspects of a filter are differentiated into separable parts and kept in isolation of each other.  When something was to go wrong the entire module is changed at once.  This approach has the benefit that things are much easier to understand and handle.  It also makes it unnecessary to have a thorough understanding of the whole works but a workable knowledge is sufficient. 
It must be said that the modular approach has had benefits to any field that it is being applied to including the use of modular filters that can be upgraded and changed with the different water types available at a location.  Thus the entire system is simplified and made easier to work with.  Most modular filters are handled by the very owners of the property and this approach has been found to be sufficient as well in the circumstances as well. 
The importance of a right fit for the shower filter
That any solution to handle the situations that arise with issues of water quality; must be in tune with the requirements of the situation.  At times the supplier would try to push through a more complex solution than the situation would demand and in such cases the customer is within his rights to refuse it.  There is bound to be easy reference material on any given type of filter that can be accessed in some public forum at any time that it is needed. 
Since the most part of a human body is make of water, some 70% by weight, it is crucial a proper water supply is used to provide for the daily needs.  Compromising on water quality is bound to bring with it added diseases and illness that could lead to more expense to rectify as well as the lost work output.  Thus the water quality must be given its due in all circumstances and every effort taken to keep it clean as it possible could be. 
It is safe to be on the better side of caution to take a few preventive steps than spend a lot more time and money trying to set right a condition or disease. 

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The Best Reasons To Use A Shower Filter
It must be said that the shower water that a typical person uses while in a shower can be important in more ways than one and it is a good practice to use a shower filter to help keep the better health of the user.  The typical shower water would harbor micro organisms and chemicals that are best removed with a proper shower filter.  Laid out are some contributing factors and how it can be properly handled with a good shower filter at best. 
Removing micro organisms
The water that is supplied to households is usually sourced from non seasonal sources like rivers and often lakes as well. It is only natural that such sources are filled with some form of life form or the other and it is the best efforts of the typical municipal authorities to neutralize any life form that could typically inhabit the water bodies.  This is the healthier option and does ensure good health to the users. 
Thus a process like chlorination was introduced that did effectively neutralize the different life forms in the water but despite the use of the modern methods to chlorination, it is still possible that the more resilient of microbes do make it past the process.  The shower head would then serve to remove these most stubborn life forms as well.  Even otherwise a shower head can act as a filter to remove any dead life forms that could have been in the chlorinated water at best. 
Removing excess chlorine
Most local bodies like the city corporations and municipalities use methods like chlorination to provide safe water to households.  It is possible that due to the very nature of the process of applying chlorine to the water that excess bits of chlorine is still left in the water being supplied.  It is indeed possible to use high power filters to keep this excess chlorine from the supply but it is a mark of abundant caution to use a shower filter that does get to take care of the chlorine at the end point of the water supply. 
This is also a more cost effective manner of handling the issue of excess chlorination in the water supply.  It is an accepted fact that the excess chlorine in the water could cause interference with the soaps and shampoos that most people use and it is best desired to have it removed. 
Presenting a cleaner air
Most folks use warm water during showers and as such it is seen that the chlorine when it comes in contact with the heating process tends to be liberated into the air around the shower head.  It is also possible that the chlorine can react with some elements in the soaps and detergents to create unpleasant chemical compounds as well. 
This aspect can be controlled and eliminated to a large extent with the proper use of a shower head.  The better design of the showers is one of the main reasons that it is more suited to the application than anything else.  Since the solution is applied at the very end of the water supply the chances of further contamination of the water is prevented at best.  This is also seen to be the more cost effective method of handling the issue of better air quality while showering.
The advantages to carrying mothers
As discussed above it is considered healthier to use a good shower head to prevent the inhalation of suspended chlorine and other compounds that are created when air comes in contact with the dissolved chlorine in the shower water.  This factor is multiplied many times over in the case of pregnant women as the developing fetuses are more at risk from even the most traces of chemicals in the water. 
The young lives are particularly affected by chemicals in the surroundings and it is possible to eliminate this factor completely by using a shower filter that is good at the job.  Rarely is it possible for people to completely avoid showers and more so when in the carrying stages when the mobility of women is restricted.  Often any special care that is paid to developing fetuses is seen in the overall better health profile of new born children. 
The risks to children
With children and particularly so with the very small ones; it is a major factor that they are more susceptible to atmospheric conditions than the adults.  The tender development stages that the supportive organs and systems in children make this so and this is also the reason that children are vulnerable to any sort of chemical in the water and air that they use. 
 A good shower head does help control to a fair extent the issue of contaminated air and water that most children could be exposed to.  Often the chemicals at the early stages of life could lead to more complications in teenage and as adult lives too.  It has been established that children that are exposed to chlorine in the gaseous form do have a larger probability of developing Asthma. 
The overall improvement in health
It is well known that shower heads are at times the fountain of infections and a number of health issues. It does help to take a few preventive measure to ensure a better health profile of the society at large than to react to the more serious situation of sick people.  This could well be the most compelling reason to use a proper shower filter.  It is to be taken as a step towards exercising abundant caution. 
Cost to better bad health conditions are usually easily measured.  But on the other hand the cost benefit from preventing situations from developing are rather difficult to measure and to attribute a monetary sum to it.  This could well be why people do not regard a shower filter as being significant in the greater health profile of the population.  Thus it is going to take more than just persuasion to have people adopt a healthier life style and attitude as well. 

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